Homemade Soul write up on The Cardinal vol. 1...dropping 3/27


In the history of hip hop music in Virginia, never has there been a collaboration effort put together of this magnitude. An album full of original music, created by Virginia based artists and producers, and curated by beloved DJ, DJ DIRTY DI. The album features VA artists, TEEZYSODOPE, TREIE, SIC MIC, KETA BANANAZ, JOHN STACEY, S DOT HOFFA, SKUZII, AND KAYCI AMOUR. Production is offered by BEACHBOYY, POINT GUARD, JAHSI, AND MYPRODUCER. Music Administration is being handled by Homemadesoul Music LLC. THE ALBUM WILL BE AVAILABLE MARCH 27, 2020 ON ALL MUSIC PLATFORMS. The Cardinal Vol. 1., is the perfect example of when greatness is explored through friendships and the common ground that music creates. The love for sounds that touch the soul and that grip the hearts of youth all across the world, drives the determination of these Virginia artist to only create classics. DJ DIRTY DI, a Hampton, VA, native, curated the album, hand picking the producers, beats and artists. Along with Highlife from Upper Room Studios (Hampton, VA), the two set out to put together a body of work that speaks to the hip hop royalty cultivated down through the years in Virginia. Virginia is home to Pharrell, Timbaland, Missy Elliott, Pusha T, No Malice, and a host of other creative legends, that have touched our world. The Cardinal Vol. 1 is the manifestation of generations of inspired greatness. Hear the bird sing! Check out the track listing below.

Please visit https://www.homemadesoulmusic.com/news/dj-dirty-di-represents-for-va

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