Art Work Wednesday

Good evening everyone,

My #ArtWorkWednesday feature this week comes from the GREAT Don Kevo. When I first met Kevo he was doing IT work at The Upper Room Studio. Who knew he could do it all, and when I say ALL I mean ALL. Kevo does album covers, flyers, cartoon characters, motion flyers, videos, video game movies and produces some of the hardest beats in the 757. I have really dope friends and Kevo is one person that you should look out for if you don't already know about him. The slideshow and videos below shows just a sample of his talent. Check him out and follow him @Don.Kevo on Instagram and YouTube. If you need any work done send an email to or visit Hope you all enjoy!



#DonKevoArtWorkWednesday #downloadmyAPPDJDIRTYDImyDJisDIRTY

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