Coffee Table Tuesday

Good evening everyone,

The #CoffeeTableTuesday feature this week is a book called "After the Rain the Sun Must Shine" by Demetris Davis & Kenneth Williamson. I've known DD for some years now and even though I don't know her whole story I have heard a few things she's been through and I"m excited to read about it. Sharing your story can help so many people so I admire people who are brave enough to let the world into their life.

"What is ""After the RAIN the SUN must SHINE" About? After the rain...the sun must shine takes you on a compelling journey between two people who met and quickly became the very best of friends, fell in love, joined together in marriage but then broken apart by a treacherous rainstorm that took them on two separate journeys but God's Grace and Mercy led them back on the same path of love, spiritual redemption, forgiveness,and peace. Walk with them through their rainstorm to gain a better understanding of how they managed to renew their minds and prevail through darkness into a spiritual realm of life, convincing you of unconditional love and making the reader feel their pain as well as Joy. A true love story that will captivate the readers attention from the beginning to the end and give you Faith in believing that was meant for bad can turn to good; If you don't wither during the storm and just stay strong in your belief... THAT AFTER THE RAIN... THE SUN MUST SHINE. "

They plan on officially LAUNCHING in November of 2017! However, all PRE-ORDER supporters will not only receive a copy of our book BUT ALSO your name will be included as an amazing supporter. Click on the pic to pre-order your copy now!! Hope you guys enjoy.

DJ Dirty Di


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