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Carlos Sandoval is a caricature artist from Virginia. A caricature is defined as a drawing of yourself in which your features are exaggerated in order to create a comic or grotesque effect! Carlos has been drawing caricatures for more than 15 years! He was trained by master caricature artist Dino Casterline and Bill Leibling in Kaman's art shoppes at Busch Gardens Williamsburg many years ago.

I met Carlos a few years ago through a mutual friend. I was looking for someone to draw a dope pic of me to use as my logo as was introduced to Carlos. I sent him the pic I wanted him to draw and I received an email stating it was completed. When I met Carlos to receive my painting I was excited. Not only did he draw me perfect but he also framed it for me. I hang this pic in the midst of all the records I cover my wall with due to how dope it is. Make sure you visit his page and hire him to draw a dope painting of you. Prices are listed on his website, just click on the pic above and it will redirect you to Carlos website. You can also follow him on IG @sand_oval3000. I hope you guys enjoy. Have a great day!!

DJ Dirty Di


"I've learned, the importance of dedication, amongst many other things, from a great friend and mentor by the name of Michael Stevens. I've dedicated myself to my craft and I see now all the good it can do for people. I've always thought, that if your going to do something, then you might as well do what makes you happy. I feel a strong urge to offer my services to the world, so that everyone will be able to get a personalized caricature of themselves by me, even if I can't physically be there with you! I hope that you have as much fun seeing yourself as a caricature, as I have drawing you as one!

- Carlos Sandoval

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