Coffee Table Tuesday

Good afternoon everyone,

Today's feature for Coffee Table Tuesday is "Sista Girl for the sugar and salt" by my good friend Kendra "KeShaJo" Jordan. Kendra, artistically known as, KeShaJo, has a digital footprint that extends well-over ten years of creative content. She has the gift of pen and the anointing of hands that has elevated everything she touches. Her first book, SistaGirl: For the sugar and salt, was created for the sistas that waver between the honest-to-God dichotomy of real life. It's the seasoning of our soul that makes life a beautiful struggle between the sweet and salt. Embracing our hardness, and our quiet softness. Showcasing how we evolve and unapologetically live, and when the time is right, change again and again.

You can follow Kendra on IG @KeShaJo & @keshajoart on Instagram. Visit her websites Pre-order her book by clicking on the pic below. Have a wonderful day!!!



#CoffeeTableTuesdaySistaGirlforthesugarandsalt #downloadmyAPPDJDIRTYDImyDJisDIRTY

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