Dirty Talk Sundaze

Good evening,

Happy Dirty Talk Sundaze!! If you missed today's episode with Yahmassiach (@mrliveaskings) & Fluki (@whereintheworldisFluki) of Rich Royal Cloth Culture you can listen below. The RICH ROYAL brand stands for Reaching Incredibly Challenging Heights Redeveloping Our Youth and Legacy. Take a listen below to learn more about the brand and what they have coming up. To shop visit www.RichRoyalClothCulture.com or stop by 14104 Warwick Blvd #2186, Newport News, VA. Follow the brand on Instagram @RichRoyalClothCulture @MrliveasKings & @WhereintheworldisFluki . Listen below and I hope you guys enjoy.

If you haven't already, download my "DJ DIRTY DI" app from the Apple Store or Google Play for FREE.




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