Good afternoon,

Today's feature for Coffee Table Tuesday is "The Weight Loss Mindset" by Robert "Brix" Glover. You can actually download his e-book for FREE by visiting or just click on the pic. "The Weight Loss Mindset" explains the thought process he possessed during his journey and offers advice to help you successfully achieve healthy weight loss and overall wellness. I thought this book will be helpful for those who are trying to lose weight and eat healthy.

You can follow Robert on IG @brixfitness and visit his website He also has online coaching, meal plans, and work out videos on YouTube that you can watch. Going from fat to fit Robert lost over 140lbs with no magic pills, no surgery, and no short cuts. Just hard work a monumental lifestyle change and mind shift. Check him out and read his book. I downloaded the book last night and I'll be reading it today. Hope you do the same. Have a wonderful day!!!



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