Art Work Wednesday

Good afternoon,

Today's feature for Art Work Wednesday is the beautiful and talented Alliannah Hamilton (@perlawoods on Instagram). A dope visual artist hailing from Suffolk, VA. When I first seen Alli's work I was AMAZED!! Her eye for detail, editing skills, and great ideas definitely sets her apart from everyone else. I love how she's not afraid to take chances and just go for it.

Aside from her conceptual work, Alli is also a freelance photographer, graphic designer, filmmaker, and brand image developer. She is currently a newborn photographer, trainer, and area point person for Bella Baby Photography and owner of Alliannah Artistry. She's also the creative director at the Upper Room Music & Cultural Arts Studio.

If you're looking for a dope photographer, graphic designer, filmmaker, or brand image developer contact Alli at Follow her art page on Instagram @alliart and her @perlawoods page. Visit her website & Below are a few more paintings and graphic designs by Alli. Have a great day!!

"Since I was younger, art has been my way to express, and for a lifetime, art is and will always be my passion. Conceptually, I put my life into my work in a way that will allow my viewer to understand me on a deeper level. My goal is to produce work in a way that is creative and emotionally interpreted. Art is not just a hobby for me, it is my way of speaking to the world in ways other than in words and it is also my career."


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