Coffee Table Tuesday

Good Afternoon,

This week's Coffee Table Tuesday feature is none other than Rob Hill Sr himself. Rob is an author, entrepreneur and public speaker from Chesapeake, VA. Rob speaks on relationships, purposed filled living, community organizing, and constructive love. He's such a huge inspiration for me because I started following Rob on Twitter because he was posting some great quotes. So to see him start on twitter and expand his brand the way he did was huge for me. Since then, Rob has spoken at universities and conferences in South Africa, Canada, and throughout the US while independently selling over 60,000 books since 2012. How dope is that!!!!

To purchase books or merchandise from Rob visit his website He also have videos to watch and voices of wisdom that you can listen to. Not sure what Rob has coming up next but I'm sure its something great!! Follow him on all social media @RobHillSr NOW!!! I know you guys. Have a great day!!



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