Coffee Table Tuesday - Passport Cutty

Good afternoon,

Today I'm starting a new blog post called Coffee Table Tuesday. Every Tuesday I'll share a book recommendation of a book I think is great to ready. The book for this week is called The "M" in Man is for Money by Passport Cutty. I've been following Cutty on every social network for some time now and I love her point of views and growth. Passport Cutty is the Host of "So Shameless" Podcast and a blogger for Lip Service at TeamYee.Tv.

When I found out she put out a book I purchased it immediately. I'm a fan of Cutty and I love all of her blog post on Lip Service. If you haven't read any of her blogs please check them out on they are so good. Any who, the book focuses on women, men, and money in relation to dating and relationships. You’ll learn how to handle men concerning money while dating, living together, and relationship advice. Its a great read, I read it in a day. The E-book is now available for purchase on Amazon Kindle App! Check it out now!!! You can also follow Passport Cutty on Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter @PassportCutty



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